My Beloved

Listening to the whispers of God's promise

One day.

One day, friends. One day. One day until I marry my best friend. One day until I get to live life with the love of my life for the rest of forever. ONE day until my whole life changes for... Continue Reading →

Beauty for Ashes

The other night, I was in shambles. I woke up in the middle of the night in an absolute panic. I was sweating and crying and panting and for some reason, I could not calm myself down. All I could... Continue Reading →

Rest for the Weary

As I am sitting here writing these words that are now appearing on your screen or device or however you are reading this, just know I should be studying. Because accounting is no joke and Procrastination Nina has decided to... Continue Reading →

Unfractured Love

A few weeks ago, my aunt was gracious enough to let Eric and I join her and some of my family at her beach house a few minutes outside of Destin. As we were all lounging on the beach one... Continue Reading →

Then My Soul Sings

These days, most of my time is consumed with white dresses, vintage doors and lots and lots of flowers. We still have a little less than a year to go until we tie the knot, and I am already SO.... Continue Reading →


When I think about happiness, I think about Eric's goofy smile when he's up to something. I think about him snoring obnoxiously on the couch while I am trying to finish up my homework. I think about his constant love even... Continue Reading →

The Promises of Today

Planning is my thing. I have a whole future ahead of me, and I have everything picked out perfectly. I've planned out  what my children are going to look like and how they are going to dress. I know what... Continue Reading →


For the longest time, I thought perfection was the key to happiness. I thought in order to be happy, I had to mask those fleshly feelings of jealousy and anger and insecurity and hurt. And in that, I hid. I... Continue Reading →

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